Issue 8: Stabilization of Ethiopia: Abiy, State, and Nation Building

Ethiopia is yet to recover from the instability following unrest of since 2015 caused by Oromo-led protests against land grabbing, corruption, marginalization, unemployment and repression, and long-running ethno-nationalisms. Other factors of tension were the sudden resignation of Prime Minister, Desalegn in early 2018 and the resultant power vacuum that aggravated power struggles within the ruling coalition (EPRDF).  The new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, an ethnic Oromo, is expected to quell Oromo nationalism. This policy brief recommends de-ethnicization of politics, transformation of EPRDF coalition into a political party, institutional reforms, democratization, and de-securitization of politics. It also proposes development of economic and social programs that grow the economy, creation of jobs and remedying of the legacy of marginalization, political inclusion and plurality, capacity building of regional governments and promotion of the rule of law.

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