Staff Members

  • Hassan Khannenje, PhD
    Hassan Khannenje, PhD

    Director, The HORN Institute

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  • Sh. Ramadhan Aula
    Sh. Ramadhan Aula

    Associate Director, Centre for Study of Terrorism, Radicalization, and Violent Extremism

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  • Roselyne Omondi
    Roselyne Omondi

    Associate Director, Research

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  • Daniel Iberi
    Daniel Iberi

    Strategic Communications Manager

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  • Ms. Fauzia Hussein
    Ms. Fauzia Hussein

    Strategic Communications Assistant

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  • Evans Ombisa
    Evans Ombisa

    Graphic Designer

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  • Mwenda Kobia
    Mwenda Kobia

    Social Media Strategist

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  • Edmond John Pamba
    Edmond John Pamba

    Research Assistant

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  • Janice Sanya
    Janice Sanya

    Research Intern

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  • Josephat Maina
    Josephat Maina


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  • Shadia Asindua
    Shadia Asindua

    Administrative Secretary

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  • Hilda Memusi
    Hilda Memusi

    Administrative Intern

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