The Institute regularly undertakes research, conducts workshops, surveys, conferences, symposiums, seminars, colloquiums, expert meetings, roundtables and consultative meetings on important issues affecting the Horn of Africa. The proceedings of these activities are encapsulated in reports.

President Ruto’s State Visit to the United States and its Implications for Kenya 

Annual Report – 2021

BRAVE Insights

A Report of the International Conference on Africa-Middle East Relations

Annual Report, 2020

A Training Workshop on Developing Counter Messages and Alternative Narratives on P/CVE in the IGAD Region

WEBINAR: Retreat to Nationalism in the 21st Century Globalization: Lessons for Africa from COVID-19

WEBINAR: Impact of COVID-19 on P/CVE: Setting the Research Agenda

SURVEY 4 SUMMARY: Perceptions of Kenyans on the Management of COVID-19 in Kenya

SURVEY 3 SUMMARY: Impact of COVID-19 on Kenyans and Perceptions on Reopening the Country

SURVEY 2 SUMMARY: Perceptions of Kenyans on Government Communication and Mass Testing

SURVEY 1 SUMMARY: Perceptions of Kenyans on Government Responses to COVID-19


KENYA: Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic

KENYA: Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Summary

Annual Report, 2019

A Report on Maritime Border Challenges and Implications on Security: An Experts’ Symposium

Flirting with Hyenas: How External Interests are Fueling Instability in the Horn of Africa 

Annual Report, 2018 

International Conference on Terrorism and Violent Extremism Report, 2018

Mapping Dynamics and Perceptions of Violent Extremism

Annual Report, 2017