About Us

Objective. Independent. Definitive

The HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies is a non-profit, applied research, and policy think-do tank based in Nairobi, Kenya.


A progressive Horn of Africa served by informed, evidence-based and problem-solving policy research and analysis.


Contribute to informed, objective, definitive research, and analytical inquiry that positively informs policies of governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.
  1. Conduct cutting-edge action research and analysis to help inform policy making and action in defence and security; terrorism, violent extremism, and radicalization; diplomacy and foreign relations; governance, statecraft and conflict management; transnational crimes and strategic threats; and climate change, migration, and development.
  2. Engage in conflict resolution and peacemaking.
  3. Strategic communication for preventing and countering terrorism, responding to conflicts and emerging threats.
  4. Participate in routine advocacy on security, conflict resolution, peacemaking, and climate action.
  5. Design courses and deliver training on themes relating to the Institute’s focus areas.
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