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Objective. Independent. Definitive.

About the HORN Institute

The HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies is an independent, applied research and policy think tank based in Nairobi (Kenya).


A progressive Horn of Africa* region served by informed, objective, and domestically produced evidence-based policy research and analysis that positively informs scholarship, policy, and practice regionally and globally.


Contribute to informed, objective, home-grown, definitive research and analytical inquiry and influence national and institutional policies primarily in the Horn of Africa, and to a greater extent, the African continent and the world beyond it.


  1. Carry out cutting-edge action-research and analysis to help inform current policy making in the areas of defense and security; diplomacy and foreign relations; conflict resolution and peace-building; governance and statecraft; transnational threats; terrorism, radicalization and extremism.
  2. Undertake actual conflict resolution, provide neutral platforms for talks and negotiations by conflicting parties, nationally and/or internationally.
  3. Carry out routine advocacy on matters of security, conflict resolution, and peace building in the Horn of Africa.
  4. Advise on design, and operationalize strategies on strategic communication in the context of fighting terrorism, responding to conflicts and other emerging threats to security in the Horn of Africa region.
  5. Network, train, and advise different agencies, institutions, and authorities on governance, security, defense, conflict, and diplomacy.

The HORN Institute adopts largely IGAD definition of Horn of Africa which includes Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, the Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and parts of the Great Lakes Region


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