Issue 16: Securing the Nation: Responding to the Changing Terror Tactics after dusitD2 Attack

On January 15, 2019, Somalia-based Islamic terror group al Shabab attacked DusitD2, a business complex in Nairobi that also houses a hotel, killing 21 people, and injuring many more. The DusitD2 shares a compound with offices of international companies and is close to the Australian, Dutch and German embassies, creating a hub frequented by both Kenyans and nationals of other countries (foreigners).

The response by the security services to the terror attack was relatively swift, coordinated and effective. Minutes into the attack, the terrorists were put on the defense. This not only denied them the time and space with which to carry out mass killings, it also significantly reduced their ability to project terror and communicate to their command center in Somalia. Information management out of the DusitD2 complex and relevant government agencies and the media was fairly well done, coordinated, and accurate, denying the terrorists a lifeline to project their terror. The specialized units of the security services ended the siege in under 20 hours, having pushed back the terrorists within minutes, cornering them within hours.

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