Issue 22: Crisis in Sudan: Pathways to Stability

This policy brief highlights the dynamic political history of Sudan under the recently deposed president, Omar al-Bashir, up until the current political transition in the country. The brief proffers various options for long-term stability and peace in the country. The militarization of Sudan’s politics; the United States of America (USA) sanctions and the United Nations (UN) embargoes; the conflict in Darfur from 2003-present; the national economic crisis; and the long-running sectarian tensions, have destabilized Sudan. With Omar al-Bashir deposed and the country transiting tentatively to democratic rule, the long-term peace-building and democratization experiments in the country would benefit from demilitarization of politics – constitutional, legal, institutional, economic, and diplomatic reforms – and comprehensive and inclusive peace agreements with armed groups. Democratization, inclusivity, accountability and economic development will safeguard peace.

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