About Eritrea

Capital:  Asmara
Population Estimate:  3,546,421 million (Source: World Bank)
Area: 117,600 square kilometers
Borders: Sudan (north), Ethiopia (west), Djibouti (south), Red Sea (east)
Independence Day: May 24, 1991
President:  Isaias Afwerki
Major Religion:  Islam and Christianity
Other Common Religions:Indigenous
Currency: Nakfa
Key Challenges:  Governance, corruption, conscription.
Interesting Fact: Eritrea signed a peace deal with Ethiopia in July 2018, effectively ending the 20-year war between the two countries.

Country Analysis


May 2019

Eritrea has seen a busy month. At the beginning of May 2019, Eritrea summoned the United Nations refugee council (UNHCR) ...

April 2019

On April 23, 2019, Eritrea unilaterally shut all border crossings with Ethiopia, after having them reopened in July 2018. After ...

March 2019

Eritrea continued its political diplomacy with respect to Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s opposition movements, the latest examples of which are the ...

February 2019

The European Union has formally announced that it is reviving cooperation with Eritrea after the Ethiopia-Eritrea peace deal. To this ...

January 2019

Eritrea and Ethiopia have opened yet another border crossing, this time at Humera in Ethiopia and Oum Hajer in Eritrea ...