SHARE (Shaikhs Response to Radicalization and Violent Extremism)

Terrorism, Murder, Suicide and Destruction of Property Violate the Principles of Islamic Law: The 5 higher objectives of Sharia and how they undermine the terrorism ideology

The Center for Sustainable Conflict Resolution (CSCR) through its flagship program Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism (BRAVE) will hold a seminar where sheikhs from different parts of the country will be invited to share their views and respond to pertinent issues regarding the ruling of Islam on suicide bombing and violent extremism. The seminar will be interactive in a bid to come with appropriate and sharia-based verdict on suicide and suicide bombing. A joint statement will be developed and shared to the media. Participants will carry copies that will be shared with their respective congregations when going back home. After the seminar one of the participating sheikhs, flanked by other participants will deliver the Friday sermons on the same topic.


The objectives of the SHARE will be to:

  • Deliver a local fatwa on suicide and suicide bombing based on the terror attack occurred in January 2019
  • Create a SHARE platform where sheikhs and Ulamaa will have regular interactions to issue fatwas in countering violent extremism
  • Form a network of like-minded sheikhs who will be encouraging coexistence in multiple faith situations countrywide


During their deliberations they go through the following interest areas of discussions:

  • The five higher objectives of Shari’a and How they Undermine the Terrorism Ideology
  • Beginning of Terrorism in Kenya
  • Historical Perspective of Terrorism and Analysis of Mardin Fatwa of Ibn Taymiyya
  • Scriptural Concepts against Suicide and Suicide Bombing: Deduction from Qur’an, Hadith and Tarikh
  • The Role of Ulama in Countering Violent Extremism

Expected Outcomes

  • Ruling on Suicide bombing published on flyers that will be shared in the mosques, public gatherings, and social media
  • Press statement that will be shared in all Islamic TV channels
  • Jum’a khutba to be delivered in at least one central mosque or a place with a large number of Muslim faithful