Democratic Republic of Congo

About Democratic Republic of Congo

Capital: Kinshasa
Population Estimate: 83.3 million
Area: 2,344,858 square kilometers
Borders: Angola (south west), Republic of the Congo (west), Central African Republic (north), South Sudan (north east), Uganda (east), Rwanda (east), Burundi (east), Tanzania (south east), Zambia (south).
Independence Day:  June 30, 1960
President: Felix Tshisekedi
Major Religion: Christianity
Other Common Religions:   Islam, Kimbaguist
Currency: Congolese Francs
Key Challenges: Internal conflict, unprofessional army, governance, electoral tension, ethnic tension
Interesting Fact: The DR Congo is roughly the size of Western Europe, and has around USD 24 trillion in mineral reserves.

Country Analysis


December 2018

President Joseph Kabila has been in power in the DRC since his father, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, the country’s president at the ...
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