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“There is need to have the right attitude that will enable us to use information and skills that we get in a more beneficial way. This brings issues of such kind closer to home in the sense that we know the perception and the target group. The MDPVE survey report gives us a brief interaction on what needs to be done and answers questions such as, what should be done to protect these young children from being vulnerable or thinking in such a manner? How do we use the information that we get in order to influence positive change? How do we rectify and solve the problem so that our children can see that they are the members of the bigger society? How do we address the push and pull factors? There is need for the police to use due legal process if a suspect is arrested on allegations of being involved in terror activities. When due process is not followed, it negatively affects close relatives of the victim in the sense that they feel justice has not prevailed and that the person has been unfairly targeted”

– Fatma Ali Saman (Commissioner IPOA), Launch of MDPVE Survey Report by the Horn Institute, 2017



“If Riek Machar continues fighting Salva Kiir, he will be regarded as a ‘beast’ by members of the International community and more so, he might be tagged a warlord. To avoid such scenarios, Riek Machar should cease ground and stop fighting. The International Community, through IGAD, should caution the two leaders to come to a compromise and solve the conflict, or face the consequences”

– Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali (Conflict Resolution Expert) CCTV News. Ali interview on South Sudan looming Famine, 2017



“It is an irresponsible behavior for politicians to point guns at ordinary citizens. This is because ordinary citizens look up to their leaders. There is a committee that is in charge of Gun control in Kenya, and they should investigate misuse of firearms”

-Dr. Mumo Nzau (Governance and Statecraft Expert), Standing on Guard. NTV AM Live, 2017



“Most African countries have not invested in preventive measures to counter terrorist activities. They have only been responding to terrorist activities after they happen”

– Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali (Conflict Resolution Expert) Inside Story, Al Jazeera. Taking on Africa Armed Groups, 2017


“President Trump issued travel ban to countries that have never attacked America. Trump should target countries that have a history of producing terrorists who have attacked United States of America. This Executive Order is simply to appease certain types of voters in the US, rather than to concretely address terrorism. Tragically, the states that have been weakened and destroyed by terrorist activities are the one targeted by this Executive Order.”

– Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali (Conflict Resolution Expert) CGTN Africa News, 2017



“State Capture is a type of political corruption in which private interest significantly influence state decision making process to their own advantage”

-Dr. Mumo Nzau, (Governance and Statecraft Expert) Standing on Guard. NTV AM Live, 2017



“Terrorism is being franchised from the center to the periphery, to make it harder to detect, and easy to mount lone wolf attacks. The terrorist groups use proceeds from transnational organized crimes, illicit finances from trade in diamonds, gold, ivory, oil, and others to fund their activities. Terrorist groups like ISIS are now vertically integrated, but horizontally organized, transforming them into more shadowy entities —where the core leadership of ISIS provides less, or none of the funds used operate the sleeper cells. The asymmetry of cost, of information, of culture and operations have now come full circle I the asymmetric warfare”

– Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali (Conflict Resolution Expert) Standing on Guard. NTV AM Live, 2017

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