Reviewing Options for Peace in South Sudan.

East Africa Report, Issue 1, March 2015.


Dr. Emmanuel Kisiangani. 




As South Sudan continues to witness intermittent armed violence, short- and medium-term options to address the conflict must be critically evaluated. Continued violence erodes the country’s capital, aggravates structural problems and polarizes the population.


When viewed against the backdrop of South Sudan’s history, prospects for durable peace appear far off. Of key importance is the need to develop a polity that confronts and reverses the country’s legacy of structural problems and partisanship.


This calls for more than a short-term political fi x of sharing positions: it calls for proper tools to promote inclusive and responsive structures of governance. This report, examining the mood of a country that holds the top spot in the Fragile States Index, is based on field research conducted in South Sudan in April and May 2014.

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